Handmade wooden tableware

If you are looking to expand the locally-sourced and made-to-order ethos of your food into the full customer experience, using wooden tableware designed around your menu will enhance service. Wood is especially useful when using hand-made ceramic plates, where textured surfaces can be less pleasing with metal spoons and spreaders.

I am open to chef’s ideas and can make samples to order. Here are a few handmade wooden products I have designed to date:

  • Service spoon (single portion)
  • Soup spoon
  • Spreader (knife)
  • Mini dessert spoon
  • Dessert spoon
  • Dessert cup
  • Expresso cup
  • Service tray

Get in touch for a chat about your restaurant’s unique requirements.

Using wood in service

Wood is very resilient to wear if looked after correctly. I use the most appropriate wood species, which are densely grained and naturally antibacterial. All items designed to be used with food are finished to a high polish, then carefully sealed. Washed in soapy water and dried after service, they will provide a long service life. An occasional wipe in a food-safe oil such as linseed or olive will enhance the finish. Any breakages in the first year are replaced for free.

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