Woodland #04


A project born out of necessity – a young restless dog means less time doing much else but walking in the brief moments of free time each week. No idea where this project is going creatively, but that’s kind of the point. It seems to involve media – Audio, Video, Little snapshots of nature. It needs more purpose but that will come. In the meantime, it’s a real joy of exploration to discover somewhere new, even very locally.

Woodland four is 2.5k from home. A steep-sided wooded valley heading uphill with a stream running through the middle.

  • A lot of moss around
  • Mature ashtrees
  • Hundreds of Ash Saplings around 12 feet height 
  • Bone oak
  • Good wild camping halfway up on the left – mature trees with open grassland which may not be grazed
  • Clean water available